Varmilo Keyboard

Herman Torres
12 min readMar 20, 2024

Dive into the world of ergonomic keyboarding with our curated roundup of Varmilo keyboards. From sleek designs to comfortable typing experiences, we’ve handpicked the best offerings to help you elevate your work setup. Get ready to discover the perfect keyboard to revolutionize your typing game.

The Top 7 Best Varmilo Keyboard

  1. Varmilo Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Bluebell/Eucalyptus/Mendozae Finish — The Varmilo Minilo 75 Gasket Wireless Mechanical Keyboard boasts a sleek space-saving design, Type-Cool sound dampening, and dual-mode connectivity options, making it the ultimate choice for quiet, efficient work.
  2. Varmilo Sakura V2 65% Mechanical Keyboard — Cherry Silent Red Switches — The Varmilo Ducky x MIYA Mac Pro Sakura R2 White LED 65% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard offers a sleek, Cherry MX Silent Red-equipped design with customizable top row functionality, and fits perfectly with MacOS for a seamless typing experience.
  3. Unique Design Beijing Opera Varmilo V2 LED TKL Keyboard — Varmilo EC Rosery V2: A stunning TKL mechanical keyboard with unique Beijing Opera design, PBT Dye-sublimated keycaps, cable routing, and North-facing LEDs — perfect for your work or gaming space!
  4. Varmilo Minilo Eucalyptus Dual-Mode Keyboard — Experience the perfect blend of style and performance with the Varmilo Minilo Eucalyptus Hot-Swap & Wired/Gateron G Silver Pro 2.0 mechanical keyboard, featuring 67 customizable keys and multiple switch options.
  5. Varmilo Wireless Mechanical Bluebell Illuminated Keyboard — Quiet & stylish, Varmilo’s Minilo 75 gasket wireless mechanical keyboard with bluebell aesthetics offers a space-saving form factor, impressive connectivity options, and convenient features for productivity-focused users.
  6. Varmilo Minilo 75 Gasket Wireless Mechanical Keyboard — Sleek and Versatile Triple-Mode Input Device — Experience the sleek, versatile Varmilo Minilo 75 Gasket Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, perfect for professionals, gamers, and enthusiasts alike, with features like Tri-Mode connectivity, per-key RGB backlighting, and 1.5mm thick ABS Double Shot keycaps.
  7. Ducky x Dimanche Neverland Gaming Keyboard: A Premium Artistic Experience — Embellish your gaming setup with the visually stunning Ducky x Dimanche Peter Pan One 2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard, featuring unique aesthetics, Varmilo switches, and customizable macro functions for unrivaled typing pleasure.


Varmilo Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Bluebell/Eucalyptus/Mendozae Finish


As someone who’s been an avid user of mechanical keyboards for years, I can say that the Varmilo Minilo 75 Gasket Wireless Mechanical Keyboard has been a game-changer for me. The standout feature for me has been the dual-mode connectivity — I can seamlessly switch between wired and wireless modes depending on my needs.

The keycaps, specifically the 1.5mm thick ABS Double Shot ones, have been really sturdy and tactile, just as I prefer it. Plus, I love the fact that it also has a space-saving TKL form factor, perfect for when I’m working on a desk with limited space.

However, there have been times when I’ve wished for the keyboard to have a wider range of customizable backlit colors. It only supports a single color, which can be a letdown for those looking for more personalized options.

Apart from that, I’ve really enjoyed using this keyboard in my daily work routines. It’s a great blend of style, functionality, and durability, making it a worthwhile addition to my tech arsenal.

Varmilo Sakura V2 65% Mechanical Keyboard — Cherry Silent Red Switches


I recently had the chance to try out the Varmilo Ducky x Miya Mac Pro Sakura R2 White LED 65% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard, and I have to say, it’s a pretty amazing keyboard. One of the things that stood out to me right away was its compact 65% form factor. Despite its smaller size, it still managed to accommodate all the necessary keys for a comfortable typing experience.

One unique feature I appreciated was the ability to change the top row from a number row to an F-row with the simple press of two function keys. It’s a detail that might seem small, but it can really come in handy when you’re typing up documents or emails.

The Varmilo keyboard also has a two-stage height adjustable feature that allows you to choose the perfect angle for your typing. And the thick Dye Sub PBT keycaps are a nice touch, giving the keys a sturdy, premium feel.

However, one downside I noticed was the documentation. The QR code in the box leads you to a site where you have to search for the correct manual, which could be confusing for some users.

Overall, I’d say the Varmilo Ducky x Miya Mac Pro Sakura R2 White LED 65% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard is a great choice for anyone looking for a compact, stylish, and highly functional keyboard.

Unique Design Beijing Opera Varmilo V2 LED TKL Keyboard


Earlier this week, I gave the Varmilo Beijing Opera TKL Mechanical Keyboard a try, and I must say, it’s a delightful combination of functionality and aesthetics. The PBT Dye-sublimated keycaps paired with the TKL form factor really helped me save some space on my desk. The uniquely designed front and back of the frame was a standout feature, making it feel a bit more special than your average keyboard.

However, I did find the LED lighting a bit distracting, especially while working. The sound-proof silicone pads helped keep my typing quieter, but I had noticed some wear and tear after a few hours of constant usage. It would be nice if the keyboard had an option for a more robust PCB.

Overall, the Varmilo EC Rosery V2 keyboard offers a unique experience with its space-saving design and elegant frame. Though it can use some improvements in the ergonomics department, I’m quite enjoying using it as my daily driver.

Varmilo Minilo Eucalyptus Dual-Mode Keyboard


I recently tried the Varmilo Minilo Eucalyptus Keyboard, and boy did it leave me with mixed feelings. On one hand, the hot-swap technology made it incredibly easy to swap out switches without any hassle. The eucalyptus design gave the keyboard a unique and premium look.

But on the other hand, I found some drawbacks. Firstly, the typing experience with the Cherry MX switches was not as smooth as I expected. The switch felt a bit too stiff for my liking. Additionally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the default keycaps. They felt a bit too thin and didn’t have enough texture.

Overall, the Varmilo Minilo Eucalyptus Keyboard has great potential with its hot-swap technology and unique design, but it could benefit from some tweaks to improve the typing experience and keycaps.

Varmilo Wireless Mechanical Bluebell Illuminated Keyboard


The Varmilo Minilo 75 Gasket Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is a sleek, space-saving companion that effortlessly fits into any setup. Its unique silent daisy switches provide a satisfying, tactile click while keeping the typing quiet. I was particularly impressed by its dual-mode capabilities — I could connect it to up to three devices at once, either via USB-C cable or Bluetooth. The 6-key rollover in wireless mode ensures that no keystrokes are dropped, even when typing quickly.

One highlight for me was the 1.5mm thick ABS Double Shot keycaps. They offer a premium feel and excellent durability. The backlight is another standout feature, with a choice of white light that shines through the keycaps. The arrow keys are a welcome addition, providing easy navigation.

However, one downside I experienced was the low battery indicator light, which can be quite bright in a dim room. Also, the included Escape, Enter, and Spacebar keys don’t seem to match the keyboard’s overall color scheme.

Overall, the Varmilo Minilo 75 Gasket Wireless Mechanical Keyboard combines style and practicality, making it a great choice for any computer user looking for a quiet, reliable, and stylish option.

Varmilo Minilo 75 Gasket Wireless Mechanical Keyboard — Sleek and Versatile Triple-Mode Input Device


In my quest for a functional and stylish keyboard, I came across the Varmilo Minilo 75 Gasket Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. It’s quite a game changer, with its compact design that’s perfect for my desk space. I love the versatility, too: I can switch seamlessly between Bluetooth, wired USB, and wireless 2.4 GHz mode depending on my preferences. But one of the best parts is the per-key RGB backlighting, which adds a nice touch to my work setup. The only downside, in my experience, is the battery life. As someone who loves typing, I often find myself needing to plug it in and charge it.

Overall, the Varmilo Minilo keyboard is a sleek and functional choice that offers plenty of customization options. The retro design and the Cherry MX Ergo Clear switches are a great addition. However, be prepared for a bit of a battery issue if you’re a heavy typist.

Ducky x Dimanche Neverland Gaming Keyboard: A Premium Artistic Experience


Experience the magic of Neverland with the Ducky x Dimanche Peter Pan One 2 Pro gaming keyboard. Designed in collaboration with Taiwanese brand Dimanche, this limited edition mechanical keyboard features a stunning blend of pastel colors and beautiful Peter Pan imagery.

The PBT double-shot seamless keycaps provide a perfect typing experience, and the varmilo switches ensure an exceptional gaming experience. The white LED backlighting adds style to your gaming setup, and the Q-Bounce Synthetic Pad and EVA Sound Dampener promise a quiet and comfortable typing experience.

The detachable USB Type-C cable and support for Ducky Macro V2.0 and Mouse control functions make this keyboard even more versatile. With its premium quality, unique design, and exceptional functionality, the Ducky x Dimanche Peter Pan One 2 Pro gaming keyboard is a must-have for any gaming enthusiast.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the Varmilo Keyboard Buyer’s Guide, where we’ll help you navigate the realm of high-quality, customizable keyboards from Varmilo. This guide will provide you with essential features, considerations, and general advice for selecting the best Varmilo Keyboard for your needs.


Design and Customization

One of Varmilo’s key strengths is the extensive customization options. You can choose from various layouts, case materials, and keycaps to create a keyboard that suits your preferences. Consider factors such as the need for a 104-key or 60% layout, and whether you prefer metal, plastic, or anodized aluminum enclosures. Additionally, explore the different keycap designs and colors available.

Mechanical Switches

Varmilo offers a range of mechanical switches, each with its unique characteristics in terms of feel, noise, and actuation force. Popular options include Cherry MX, Alps, and Topre switches. Think about your preferred typing experience and the noise level in your workspace when selecting a switch type. For example, if you’re working in a shared space, you may want to opt for a quieter switch, like a Topre switch.


Keyboard Layouts and Ergonomics

Consider the keyboard layout when selecting your Varmilo keyboard. There are options for standard, vertical, or split designs. For ergonomic typing and to prevent strain injuries, consider a vertical or split layout. If you prefer a more traditional appearance and feel comfortable with a standard layout, then you can explore options like the Varmilo MA108. Remember, the comfort of the layout is essential, so make sure to test it out before purchase if possible.

Connection and Compatibility

Varmilo keyboards are available with either wired or wireless connections. Wired keyboards tend to offer a more stable connection and have no concerns about battery life. Wireless keyboards, on the other hand, offer freedom of movement and can be convenient for users on-the-go. Make sure the keyboard you choose is compatible with your device’s operating system, as well as any necessary peripherals or software.



What is a Varmilo Keyboard?

A Varmilo Keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that offers exceptional typing experience due to its unique design and high-quality build. It comes equipped with either Cherry MX or Kailh MX switches, depending on the model, providing a satisfying click sound with every keystroke. These keyboards are known for their ergonomic design, including a number pad and a separate layout for the backspace key, which ensures comfort during long typing sessions.

The Varmilo Keyboard is a popular choice among typists, gamers, and office users alike due to its combination of aesthetics, functionality, and durability. With a range of customizable features, such as RGB backlighting and the ability to remap keys, the Varmilo Keyboard provides an unparalleled typing experience for users.


How do I set up my Varmilo Keyboard?

Setting up your Varmilo Keyboard is a straightforward process. First, make sure the keyboard is properly connected to your computer using either a USB cable or a wireless receiver, depending on the model. Most Varmilo Keyboards come with built-in RGB lighting controls, which can be accessed via a designated software application.

Next, download and install the necessary software for your keyboard from the manufacturer’s website. Follow the on-screen prompts to configure your keyboard settings, such as RGB lighting effects and key remapping. Most Varmilo keyboards use standard ANSI layouts, but there are a few versions designed for Dvorak users. Adjust the layout accordingly to suit your preferences.

What are the different switch types available for Varmilo Keyboards?

Varmilo Keyboards come with two types of switches: Cherry MX and Kailh MX. Each switch type has its unique characteristics, affecting the typing feel and sound. The main difference between the two lies in the weight required to actuate the switch and the audible click it produces. Other factors include tactile feedback and the overall feel of the key cap.

Cherry MX switches are the most widely used and come in various models, such as Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, and Cherry MX Red. Each model has a distinct weight and tactile/audible experience. For instance, the Cherry MX Blue produces a loud click sound and is known for its tactile feedback. On the other hand, Cherry MX Brown is quieter and provides a lighter click, making it more suitable for office environments.


Can I customize the backlighting on my Varmilo Keyboard?

Yes, you can customize the RGB backlighting on most Varmilo Keyboards. The software application provided by the manufacturer allows you to control various aspects of the backlighting, such as the color, brightness, and intensity of the effect. You can also create custom lighting profiles and set them as default for the desired program or application.

Additionally, some Varmilo Keyboards support advanced lighting customization through external programs like macro recorders. This allows you to sync the backlighting to your typing rhythm or other activities on your computer. However, it may require more technical skills and adjustments to specific software applications.

Is there an alternative to the number pad on Varmilo Keyboards?

Yes, there are Varmilo Keyboard models without the number pad, such as the VA65M Blue and VA65M Brown. These keyboards maintain the same layout as their counterparts with the number pad but without the added functionality in this area. If you don’t require a number pad, these models offer a more compact design with a similar typing experience.

Alternatively, if you prefer a Varmilo Keyboard with a number pad but require a smaller version, check out the Varmilo VKB2000 series. They have a similar layout to the standard Varmilo Keyboard but with reduced dimensions, making them ideal for work in smaller spaces or on the go. Just make sure to choose a model with your preferred switch type and backlit capabilities.

Do the Varmilo Keyboards support remapping keys?

Yes, many Varmilo Keyboards support key remapping, which allows you to assign custom functions or shortcuts to different keys. The software application provided by the manufacturer can help you set up these key mappings according to your preferences. This feature comes in handy for users who work with specific software applications or require unique key bindings for their tasks.

Remapped keys can be set for specific programs or globally, depending on your needs. Additionally, some Varmilo Keyboards come with programmable macro keys, allowing you to create custom macros or sequences of keystrokes for different tasks. Just make sure to choose a model with these features if you require key remapping and macro functionality.